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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 12, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> a bay area chain so popular, got snatched up by starbucks. now hundreds of workers may be out of a job unless they can prove one thing. >> after putting 122 million miles on the odometer. one more test for shuttle endeavor may be the biggest. the streets of los angeles. >> and the report is in, what a sweeping run the disciplinary action will mean for oakland already under manned police force. good evening, i'm dana king. >> an ownership change will now have serious consequences for hundreds of workers. cbs 5 reporter with a story you'll see only on cbs 5. sharon. >> yeah, workers said they will be fired in two months because they are illegal
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immigrants. there aren't any firm numbers, but up to 400 people could lose their jobs. some workers got a letter from starbucks saying there's discrepancy from their social security numbers and they have 60 days to prove they will be here legally. the letter upset this worker. he wanted his voice disguised because he's an illegal immigrant. >> we put a lot of work -- 200 cooks, dishwashers, would be let go at the 19 stores, and another 200 workers where the pastries are baked in south san francisco. at the bakery, one worker says he is not worried because he is an american citizen. >> so there are people who got notices that your social security did you remember
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doesn't matter, is that right? >> yeah. a lot of people worried about that. >> starbucks says on monday, it sent the letter to employees who could offer them health coverage and other benefits. starbucks spokesman told me on the phone that word that employees would be fired is completely false. no one lost their jobs because they are undocumented. but what if starbucks discovered it is employing illegal immigrants. starbucks policy is to comply with all labor laws. >> in california, starbucks says it does not use the program to allow people if they are in the country legally. that law did not use e verify either. ken. >> sharon, do you get the feeling from talking to folks that this is the way to slim down the number of employees or are they really going after citizenship here? >> well, starbucks would say that what they are trying to do is trying to get all their information updated in order to
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make sure that all of the employees have all of their benefits, including the health benefits. this is the way they are doing it. so starbucks, that's what they are saying. we went to the bakery in south san francisco. we noticed they are also hiring a lot of new people. we talked to one or two of them and they are american citizens. >> all right, dotting the i's, crossing the t's. sharon, thank you for that. an almost unbelievable sight in the streets of los angeles today as a space shuttle endeavour took a very slow ride toward its permanent home. we're going to take a live look now of the 85-ton shuttle prepping for round two. is that not amazing? it is at a brief standstill right now after the first three miles. earlier, the shuttle squeezed past a very tight neighborhood. cbs reporter, david lopez, with the latest now fromin' englewood. sounds strange to say, doesn't it? a space shuttle leaving a
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parking lot. but there it was, over to manchester, where there were some very tight squeezes along the way. we were told in some spots, endeavour would have a 6-inch clearance with the wingspan. it came close. but, no problem so far. it was a sight that caused a great deal of commotion. it should cause quite a stir and looky lieus. when was the last time you saw something like this? this big staring at you in a parking lot? >> the view is almost better on top of dad's shoulders. if you ever wondered how they are can back up something this big, take a look. the transporter did its job. smoothly backing endeavour into the place in the parking lot where it stayed there for more than six hours. the public loved it.
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the journey to the space museum began at 11:30 last night. endeavour wheeled out at the united terminal at lax, slowly leaving the airport property under the east way. flashbulbs, cameras, all around. this machine made out of silicone, titanium, and ceramics that flew in space, going through the streets of los angeles at 2 miles an hour. so far, so good for an event that is not described as a once in a lifetime event, but rather a once event. dave lopez, cbs 5. >> amazing. okay, a little bit more on how they are moving that thing. six operators will take turns working one hour shifts and it's like a video game. they use a joy stick to maneuver the six computerized transporters carrying endeavour
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and they can move it in any direction. >> this is not the biggest thing we have ever moved. >> definitely not. >> nobody has ever moved anything more significant. >> wow. again, endeavour should reach its home at the science center tomorrow night. also in the news tonight, it's yet another blow for the oakland police department. dozens of oakland police officers being reprimanded for the way they handled the occupy protest. kristen ayres has more. >> one year, countless clashes between oakland police and occupy protesters and more than 1100 complaints of police misconduct. now the oakland police department cracking down on its own, calling for the officers of 42 others. >> only in cases where people clearly violated policy where they were held accountable. >> the violations range from excessive use of force on
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protesters. to failing to turn on the video cameras that officers are required to wear. some officers refuse to give protesters their names or badge numbers. others lied about their behavior while being investigated. >> this is what i wanted. i wanted the oakland police to be able to look at itself and discipline itself. >> but for officers, it's a slap in the face at a time when homicides have spiked in oakland and the number of officers on the streets have developed dangerously low. >> the city has thrown its hard work officers, while trying to protect the citizens. >> there is talk that all this self-policing is merely meant to impress a federal judge who will hear arguments come december about whether to turn the oakland police department over to federal control. we asked the mayor about that. she said that's nonsense. live in oakland, cbs 5. >> and checking bay area headlines now, murder charges will be filed against the
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couple linked to a california crime spree. including the murder of a retired bay area teacher. police arrested darnell and tonya washington in washington state. they were driving the car stolen from the home of susie who was killed last weekend. police say that the arrest bring an end to a crime spree that includes jailbreak in san bernardino county and a wounded sheriff deputy in los angeles. an early morning fire gutted one of san francisco's popular hangout spots. firefighters spent 11 hours battling the blaze that ripped through the restaurant in the west portal neighborhood. two other businesses were also damaged. the mayor ed lee surveyed the damage and promised to expedite permits to rebuild. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and the vice mayor of clayton has just been convicted of felony embezzlement. joe is accused of stealing
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nearly $160,000 from a client. he is still in office and on the ballot. city officials say it is too late to take his name off and too soon to take any kind of action. >> and speaking of politics, the vice presidential candidate is back on the campaign trail today after going at each other in the debate last night. and as cbs 5's allen martin reports, the two campaigns tangled again today. all over the meaning of one of the shortest words in the english language. >> call it a war of words. the obama and romney campaigns are squabbling over vice president joe biden's use of the word we in thursday night's debate. he was responding to charges that the state department turned down requests for more security in libya before last month's terror attack that killed three other americans. >> we weren't told that one wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, says biden contradicted sworn testimony from state department officials. they said requests for
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increased security in libya were denied. >> american citizens have a right to know just what's going on and we're going to find out and this is a time for us to make sure we do find out. >> but the white house says the we, vice president biden was referring to, is not the entire administration. >> the vice president was speaking about himself and the president and the white house. he was not referring to the administration. >> spokesman jay says the vice president wouldn't have known about security requests because they are handled by the state department. secretary of state, hillary clinton says the investigation is on going. >> to this day, we do not have a complete picture. we do not have all the answers. >> the answer is sure to come up tuesday when president obama and mitt romney debate again. allen martin, cbs 5. well, a political debate between one time democratic allies with similar voting records got a little nasty last night. congressman howard burr man and
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brad sherman, who are fighting for the same feet got into each other's faces. check this out. you love it. two old guys shoving each other. the men got physical when they began arguing over an immigration bill. their struggle to differentiate themselves has led to character attacks and a war over who deserves manufacture credit for helping constituents. >> could this baseball season get any wilder? >> here's the 2-2 pitch and a line drive to right field. it's going to be a base hit. two runs will score. and a 9-7 game. four runs. >> wow, the st. louis cardinals who were down to their final out rallied to take a two-run lead and defeat the washington nationals.
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it is the biggest comeback in a do or die game in post season history. hard to imagine how the fans, the nationals fans are feeling right now. d.c. bars may have to extend their hours tonight and more importantly, this means the san francisco giants will be heading back to california. national league championship series will start at at&t park on sunday, game time 5:00. hope you got a ticket. >> and the cardinals were down to their last strike twice and managed to pull this thing out and these game fives. we criticize them for a lot of things. divisional series thing at five games, it worked out every single time to go to five games. maybe that's luck, but fantastic games. >> even if you aren't a huge baseball fan, your team is not playing, you are still loving it. loving it. >> yeah. already, forget the car lot, how they want to change the way you shop for a car and why car dealers across the country are
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none too happy about this. >> and decades after the marsh mellow test. a new lesson in self-control and what it can tell us about a child's future. >> good everyoning, everybody. look outside. you can see the row of orange lights honoring our san francisco giants. we can see it because there's no fog. the warmup and the date expected as eyewitness news continues on the cw.
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car lots the tires, have a if you want to buy a new car, you have to hit the car lot, you know, kick the tires, have a nice little talk with the salesman. at least that's the way it's
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always been. but leave it to tessla to break that mold. len ramirez shows us how the company is going a different route and why that is upsetting to some other dealers. >> reporter: at san jose santana row, among the designer boutiques, stands a car dealership. >> people are friendly, all the products, you can see it. big monitor screens. >> describing his experience at the first shopping mall based tessla store, designed by the same person behind gap and apple stores, a manager told us then about the company's retail strategy. >> it is all about experience. our goals to make the car ownership experience the best experience for our customers. >> but as tessla seeks to replicate that experience, it's running traditional car dealers who are suing the electric car
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maker. laws in 48 states prohibit car manufactures from selling their vehicles directly to the public. lost consumer advocate says were enacted for the dealer's benefit. >> it's really anticonsumer to be limited and the choices of where they can go buy a car. and it means that the cars end up costing billions of dollars more. if you have to go through the dealer for financing and they inties you into getting the financing and mislead you into getting the best possible deal when you're not. >> one south bay car dealer said his only concern would be if tessla ran a dealership at the same time in the same market. tessla seems to be avoiding that. the real sales happen on the website where customers can order a car and have it shipped to their home. >> you can save a will the of
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money and aggravation. >> i feel like i am being pressured. ask me my driver's license, other personal information, i feel uncomfortable. they share knowledge. >> the strategy worked on robert lee. he is ordering a tessla model suv. cbs 5. >> well, it is not uncommon to find weird stuff washing up on the beach, but take a look at this. >> it was round and the sand, i just gave him a kick and they looked at me and said wait a minute, this is an eyeball. >> he found this giant eyeball staring up at him on the shore of pampano beach, florida. he is not a marine biologist said it may have come from a giant squid. the real experts aren't so sure. >> that does not really look like a squid.
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so i did a little hunting and i came up with that. and that is a broad bill sword fish. >> exactly what i was going to say. those are the sword fish there. state wildlife experts are giving it a much closer inspection. >> okay. ew, that's all i have to say about that. >> we don't like hearing stories like that. imagine stepping on that thing? no thank you. the other thing we don't like to hear is do, do do. >> great day to head to the ocean. good evening, this is the scene in heavenly valley where a light dusting of snow did accumulate in the overnight hours and early morning hours. they measured it up to be a couple of inches. here's our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out towards the embarcadaro. we have temperatures in the 50s. earlier into the 60s. unseasonally cool today by a
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good 14 degrees in san jose. we should be at 70 in san francisco. 61 degrees. it was 64 in fairfield, when typically we should be right around the 72-degree mark. now it looks like for the most part, we are noticing increasing cloud cover. the winds are diminishing and we have, right now, the barometer on the rise with some high pressure building into the bay area. take another look. we wanted to point this out to you. we have orange lights on top. and again, right now our temperatures are into the 50s. you can see those bright lights because we are frog-free. temperatures pretty much in the 40s and 50s. rain is out of here into the 40s and low 50s. your weather headline, what you need to know, mostly cloudy overnight, great start tomorrow, then blue skies. warmer by the end of the week. now we do have an area of low pressure moving out of the bay area. high pressure firmly building in. end result is, a warmup beginning with this weekend. as that low pressure finally
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moves out of the bay area. 64 degrees for the pumpkin festival. a couple hundred thousand people expected there. 73 santa clara. otherwise into the east bay, 78 degrees. we are talking about numbers back into the 70s north of the bay. extended forecast calls for big- time warmup, back into the 90s by this time next week. that is your pinpoint forecast. sports next.
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well, it's an old test with a new twist. the doctor with the new lesson from a behavioral classic. >> she wants stuff now? she wants stuff now. >> whether it is demanding your undivided attention or a sweet treat, ask any mom, kids lack self-control. >> it's like waiting in loin. she wants to get on that ride now. >> learning to wait is good. studies show kids with the best self-control do better later in life. they have greater self-esteem, and are less likely to be obese. but are some kids just born impulsive? a new study involving marsh
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mellows show they can also learn it. researchers studied two groups of young children. each was given a group of well used crayons. >> you can use these crayons right now, or you can use big set of art supplies instead. >> each child waited 2 1/2 minutes. >> i'll set these here. >> half got great art supplies, the other half. >> i don't have that big set of art supplies. >> researchers brought up stickers. >> you can use this, or if you wait, you can use a bunch of stickers. >> once again,. >> i'm sorry, i couldn't find the other stickers. >> that's when marshmellows became part of the experiment. researchers said it was snack time and said here's a marsh mellow. you can eat this now or if you wait until i come back and you haven't eaten it, you can have two. >> it is snack time now. >> result, the kids who learn they could rely on what to expect waited 12 minutes and
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got a reward. those who learned waiting does not pay off quickly gobbled up their marshmellow. bottom line, if you want to help your kids learn to wait, help them learn they can count on you. cbs 5 health watch. ,,,,
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all right, for the most storied franchises in baseball are left for the giants. the a's came so close to the alcs party, the boss, general manager, says very little seasoning is needed for another run. he starts off the minute. >> one thing we set out to do was create something that would be sustainable and have some stability for a couple years. the one good thing about last night, beyond what i was looking at, which was really special, knowing this team was
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going to be coming back by and large, and i think that's a good thing. >> struggling alex rodriguez benched for the yankees. curtis granderson, it is not coming back. big slide to the second deck. good enough for cici sabathia. complete game. struck out nine. yanks win 3-1. they move on to play the tigers. nats led the cardinals 6-0 early in game five. now up 7-5. bases loaded. from the st. francis lancers mountain view. how about that? right off the glove. next batter, pete, he drops it. cardinals come in. they take the lead and win by a final of 9-7. it is on to san francisco where the giants will start the nlcs at home at 3rd and king street. the series begins on sunday at
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at&t. giants will host the games. >> we're coming back at 11:00.
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